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Succulents are hardy plants that are ideal for pot culture and in the garden. They will grow in full sun to part shade and have low water requirements. They like a well drained position in the garden and a free draining medium if grown in pots. Some sharp sand added to a general purpose potting mix is ideal.


Alstroemeria are long flowering perennial plants. They are good for growing in pots or in the garden in a sunny position. The flowers are great for picking. Water and feed regularly while growing.

They have a period of dormancy through the hottest part of the year. Flowers are picked by plucking the stems at the base of the plant as this encourages new growth. Remove old growth in the same manner to keep the plants tidy and healthy.


Begonias prefer light or dappled shade outdoors or can be kept indoors in a well lit position. Water regularly but allow the plants to become slightly dry between watering. Allow to become drier in the cooler months. Use a well drained peat based mix with some added perlite. Fertilize sparingly with a dilute liquid fertilizer during the growing season.